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Toccara Nicole, known as THE IDENTITY COACH, is known for her zeal and enthusiasm about life. She has been told, when she enters a room, her presence is felt by all. A forward thinker who enjoys helping others embrace the brighter side of life. Her motto is, “Choose to live on purpose, for purpose.” 

She is no stranger to empowering Christian women through church events, seminars, conferences, and any event where she can share her platform to assist and pour into the lives of women, young and seasoned. 

Since 2012, Toccara has been an Empowerment Speaker. Her audience is typically comprised of Christian women who are striving to become all they have been purposed and created to be. Toccara has experience with providing wisdom nuggets with enthusiasm through several platforms. Toccara Nicole has been an author since a very early age. Her first published work can be found at her grade school as she was selected and known as Young Author. In 2015, Toccara Nicole published her first book as an adult called, "The Re-Invention Project."

Her authored works include, “The Re-Invention Project," a self-help resource where she, along with 7 experienced authors, shared ways of overcoming after failure speaks in life. In 2016, she was a contributing writer in the book, “Wake Up Series: 5 Strategies That Will Catapult Women Into Their Season of Increase.”  Her latest book and her first solo project, “Daddy, Where Art Thou?” is her story in the form of a children’s book. Be on the look out for more publications from THE IDENTITY COACH!

In her spare time, she enjoys reading, traveling, and most importantly spending time with her friends along with those she calls her family.

Founder: Toccara Nicole
Founder: Toccara Nicole

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