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What can an Identity and Life Coach do for me?



An Identity and Life Coach is a person who counsels and encourages clients on matters having to do with professional and/or personal challenges.  Also, it is the role of the coach to assist the clients with understanding who they are, what they posses and how they can use the power of knowing who they are to shape their worlds. 

Also, creating an individualized process that builds a leader’s capability to achieve short, intermediate and long term organizational goals. Coaching is personalized, customized, usually conducted one-on-one for a defined period of time and with a specific business purpose in mind. 

What kind of commitment do I need to make for VOS Services?


Every client needs to sign a commitment contract. VOS works with the clients to  set the terms of the commitment contract to fit your goals and plans. 

Depending on the services, the commitment contract can be anywhere from three months to twelve months!